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Landing A Monster YellowFin Tuna All In A Days Work

YellowFin Tuna

My good friends John Brownlee, the Editor of Saltwater Sportsman, and George Large, the Executive Vice President of Yo-zuri, are on board for a few days of popper fishing for Yellowfin Tuna. We start all the way down at Jicoita, which is the furthest we fish. Reports had been good from the day before but all we found were small tuna, which were eager to eat. We caught quite a few on poppers but not [...]

The Drape Escape


So the new season of Mad Men aired last night and it’s getting rave reviews.  The New York Post reports 44% of folks state that Mad Men is their favorite show on TV. Draper is a bit miffed about his 40th birthday party and is in need of an escape. If we had our way the script would of went as follows.

Don and Megan escape to Islas Secas for a week of total celebration, and yes [...]

An encounter with a White Tipped Reef Shark

WhiteTipped Reef Shark

Our dive master had a close encounter with a White Tipped Reef Shark, which for me would have been crazy cool, but Ben’s dive experience is so vast I’m sure he didn’t even flinch. (Pictured a Moorish Idol)

White Tipped Reef Sharks are just one of the many marine animals you can spot off the shores of Islas Secas, as the area is a haven for reef fish such as Dog Snapper, Amber Jacks,