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Spring Sale at Islas Secas


Has Islas Secas been on your bucket list? Have you always wanted to travel to a place where animals and plants reign? Are you looking to reel-in big tuna, marlin, red snapper and more? Or would you rather snorkel or dive the waters of Islas Secas that offer untouched coral reefs. iReport, travel writer from CNN states, “it’s such a dream to snorkel there.”

Today’s the day to book an adventure of a lifetime as Islas Secas [...]

Wide Open Tuna Bite Fishing


The Gulf of Chiriquí is experiencing the tuna fishing that has made this area legendary. This week we had a group from New England hosted by Damon Sacco of Castafari. Damon who has been hosting trips to Panama for over ten years said he has never had tuna fishing like he had this week. One afternoon we caught over 25 Yellow Fin Tuna all on poppers and swimming lures in my boat alone. [...]

Paddle Board Yoga


Brianne, the resort’s yoga instructor has announce a new yoga practice, Paddle Board Yoga. Paddle Board Yoga is a hot trend among yoga and fitness enthusiasts. A combination of surfing and yoga, Paddle Board yoga is known for giving the body a “core” workout because of the added element of having to maintain one’s balance while performing yoga poses. “Paddle Board yoga is practiced on a special surf board, and it brings a great sense of awareness [...]

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