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Exciting News

Islas Secas Patio

We’re thrilled to share that we have commenced with an exciting project at Islas Secas to upgrade the guest facilities and enrich our programming. Unfortunately these enhancements will require us to remain closed for the 2013/2014 season.

Please be sure to stay tuned to our website and this blog to stay up to date with the project. And we look forward to welcoming you back to enjoy the legendary fishing, recreation and relaxation Islas Secas has to offer [...]

Paddle Board Yoga


Brianne, the resort’s yoga instructor has announce a new yoga practice, Paddle Board Yoga. Paddle Board Yoga is a hot trend among yoga and fitness enthusiasts. A combination of surfing and yoga, Paddle Board yoga is known for giving the body a “core” workout because of the added element of having to maintain one’s balance while performing yoga poses. “Paddle Board yoga is practiced on a special surf board, and it brings a great sense of awareness [...]

Islas Secas Now Offers Yoga


Please help us welcome our newest member of the Islas Secas team, Brianne Spans, a Yoga Instructor who has taught in Chicago, Vermont, Michigan, Wisconsin, Costa Rica and now Panama.

“Yoga is not about where you can go, but where you can Be.” While completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, Brianne’s view on yoga began to change. She found that it is better to listen to your inner-self than to try to force yourself [...]

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