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Exciting News

Islas Secas Patio

We’re thrilled to share that we have commenced with an exciting project at Islas Secas to upgrade the guest facilities and enrich our programming. Unfortunately these enhancements will require us to remain closed for the 2013/2014 season.

Please be sure to stay tuned to our website and this blog to stay up to date with the project. And we look forward to welcoming you back to enjoy the legendary fishing, recreation and relaxation Islas Secas has to offer [...]

Celebrate World Oceans Day

Whale Shark

Today is World Oceans Day.  It’s a global day to celebrate the world’s oceans. The world’s oceans are a vast resource that provide natural playgrounds for millions of tourists annually and also provide a rich food source for billions across the world. However, the world’s oceans are at risk more than ever before. Most of these threats originate with human industry: deep sea-mining, oil spills, acidification from climate change, coastal runoff and marine debris, [...]

Mother’s Day: Give the gift of an experience this year!


Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  Are you thinking chocolates or flowers? You may want to re-think this gifting option as a new trend reports Moms want a gift of experience, a unique present that hold life-long memories.

We at Islas Secas may have the perfect gift, The Family Island Takeover. Plan a family gathering during the month of May and save 25% at this 16-island archipelago, renowned as one of the world’s most remote [...]