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Wide Open Tuna Bite Fishing

The Gulf of Chiriquí is experiencing the tuna fishing that has made this area legendary. This week we had a group from New England hosted by Damon Sacco of Castafari. Damon who has been hosting trips to Panama for over ten years said he has never had tuna fishing like he had this week. One afternoon we caught over 25 Yellow Fin Tuna all on poppers and swimming lures in my boat alone. Most were released except a few we brought back to join us for dinner. This particular bite, the tuna were on squid. It was the first time I had seen showering squid like this, hundreds of squid would take off flying across the water with the tuna in hot pursuit of them erupting in a mass of white water.

We have been experiencing really green water from the Bank back to the East. This water seems to be filled with nutrients providing the baitfish and others with plenty of food and the tuna are taking advantage of the massive amount of bait in the area. After yet another incredible tuna bite yesterday afternoon we were running home and came across porpoise and birds that stretched for almost two miles. It was late in the day so I did not stop, but I am sure it was loaded with YFT as well.

The Marlin bite is still not what it should be, but when we put our time in we are still catching them. We went 2 for 4 this week. Mine on the troll and Macho’s on a live bait. All the marlin in the past few weeks have been 350-550, most 400-500 pounds, a great average size.

There was a pretty big swell running this week so we did not spend much time inshore fishing with all the surge but still caught a few.

Anyhow, when you release a few thousand pounds of fish in a week I guess you can call that great fishing.

Viva Panama!