Coiba National Park

Coiba National Park has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its incredible flora and fauna. Located just an hour’s boat ride from Islas Secas, Coiba National Park is a completely protected island and marine park, one of the world’s largest marine protected areas.

Home to the second largest coral reef in the Eastern Pacific, Coiba National Park is hard to match in terms of marine experiences. The waters play host to migrating humpback whales, sharks, turtles, whale sharks and countless other marine creatures, offering unmatched snorkeling and diving.

The largest of the 38 islands in the park is Isla Coiba, the site of a former prison. The isolation of the penal colony preserved the island’s pristine habitat. Over three-quarters is still covered by ancient forest, offering thrilling hikes in search of a glimpse of some of the rare subspecies of animals endemic to Coiba Panama alone, including the Coiba Howler Monkey and Coiba Spinetail (a bird).

Please note there is an additional fee to visit Coiba National Park due to the extended boat journey and Park permit. Visit our Rates to learn more.

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