Scuba Diving

The waters of the Gulf of Chiriqui offer some of the best adventure diving in the world. No matter your experience level, your Panama diving experience will immerse you in one of the most abundant marine ecosystems in the world.

We offer a range of dive sites to suit all levels of experience, training and comfort levels to ensure a memorable Panama diving experience – from calm, protected inshore reefs, islands and break rocks, to high-voltage diving on exposed off-shore, deep water pinnacles and sea mounts. Plus, new sites are frequently encountered, providing opportunities for true exploration and discovery.

We offer a full range of dive-related services, ranging from a free three-hour ‘Discover Scuba’ experience for uncertified divers to a full range of diver certification, specialty courses and referrals. Our onsite dive instructor can also provide instruction to older children who would like to learn SCUBA (10 years of age and older).

Islas Secas diving professionals have over twenty years of Panama diving experience. We’ve installed sub-surface mooring buoys at our dive sites, which provide our divers direct access to the sites and eliminate damage to the marine environment from anchoring.

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