Naturalist Tours

It was the natural beauty and ecological abundance of the archipelago and its surrounding waters that inspired the vision for Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge. And no visit is complete without partaking in one of our Panama Nature Tours, where our staff can help you discover the true bounty that nature has bestowed upon these Panama Islands.


Islas Secas offers unmatched Panama birding, with over 50 species of resident and migratory birds. A brief boat ride to Islas Coco, one of the Secas islands, will reveal the second-largest colony of soaring Frigates (Fregata magnificens) in Panama. It’s a thrill to watch these spectacular birds dive and dance, and if you’re lucky you’ll catch them snatching prey in mid-flight. The rare Brown-footed Boobies also make their home on Isla Coco.

Back on Islas Cavada, over two miles of groomed trails await those seeking to explore the jungle-clad forests in search of the sights and sounds of the dozens of other species of birds that live or visit the archipelago. It’s Panama birding at its best.

Nature Hikes

Hiking is one of the best ways to really get to know Islas Secas. Especially with the assistance of our Adventure Concierge and Naturalist Guide, Rob. Over two miles of groomed trails lead throughout the island, though don’t be surprised if Rob takes you “off roading” a bit to explore more of the wonderous ecology of the island, from beautiful flowers and rare vegetation to iguanas and rare birds. Rob is a wealth of knowledge about the natural and cultural wonders of Panama and he loves to connect guests with the incredible nature of the islands.
Every Panama nature tour has its own unique adventures in store, but don’t miss the bufadora (blow hole) spraying water 60 feet in the air or the huge cedar tree at Cedro Grande, estimated to be over 300 years old.

Learn more about the ecosystem of Islas Secas here.

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