The twenty miles between Islas Secas and the coast of Panama leave lots of room to roam and play in the breathtaking waters of the Gulf of Chiriqui. We think of it as our marine playground, perfect for watersports of all kinds, including snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, boat tours, wakeboarding and surfing. It’s all of the adrenaline and adventure you’d expect in your Panama island vacation.


Snorkeling at Islas Secas is like embarking on a marine safari. One where you’re sure to spot numerous beautiful fish and sea creatures. The abundance of sea life to be observed snorkeling among the reefs surrounding the archipelago is extraordinary: parrotfish, angelfish, butterfly, blue tang and eagle rays. You might even be able to spot a critically endangered Green Olive Ridley or Loggerhead sea turtle.

Our Adventure Concierge can direct you to the best Panama snorkeling and help you identify the colorful menagerie beneath the waves. And for those who want to take their safari further, we can also take you snorkeling at Isla Montuosa or in the protected waters of Coiba National Park.


Paddle boards are available at the dive center and can be taken out at your leisure anytime. Four miles of protected coast line containing caves, beaches and numerous reef systems are waiting to be discovered. Unlike other watersports, the pace of paddleboarding will allow you to see and appreciate new aspects of the natural beauty of the islands and waters of Islas Secas.

Boat Tours

A boat tour is a great way to start your time at Islas Secas, getting you acclimated to all of the islands within the archipelago. Our Adventure Concierge can ferry you around the islands, familiarizing you with the many bays, caves and beaches you’ll want to return to explore later, and introducing you to the great diversity of flora and fauna found here.


Adrenaline fans will be thrilled to learn that Islas Secas offers wakeboarding. New to the sport? Our skilled staff will teach you tips and tricks to have you flying high in no time. No matter your skill level, it’s sure to be a highlight of your watersports adventures.


Schedule an excursion where we will take you by boat to one of the outer islands to explore wild and varied coast lines. See caves, blow holes, the incredible variety of flora that clings to the cliff sides, and sea birds circling overhead.


With some of the best surf breaks in Central America but not the crowds, there’s good reason Panama surfing has become so popular. The surf break at Morro Negrito, located just 45 minutes by boat from Islas Secas, has a wide variety of surf spots for surfers of all skill levels and offers exhilarating surfing and body boarding. And with the help of our skilled team, who can assist with scheduling, equipping you with the right board, and even provide lessons, you’re sure to have a memorable Panama surfing experience.

Please note there is an additional fee to travel to/from Morro Negrito due to the extended boat journey. Visit our Rates to learn more.

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