Islas Secas is a bird-watching paradise where over 50 resident and migratory birds have been observed. That list includes Brown Pelican, Great Blue Heron, Mangrove Black Hawk, Peregrine Falcon and Rufous-tailed Hummingbird.

Guests can take a short boat ride to Isla Cocos, home to Panama’s second largest colony of soaring frigates with their magnificent wingspan. It’s amazing to see these spectacular birds dive and dance. Or venture along Islas Cavada’s two miles of groomed trails and see how many species you can hear and observe.

Reef Life

Snorkeling or diving amongst the various coral reefs that surround Islas Secas is a true highlight of any trip. These vibrant underwater ecosystems, bristling with marine life, are home to lobsters, crab, octopus, eels, sea stars, sea horse, and dozens of different tropical fish.

Coiba National Marine Park is home to the second largest coral reef in the Eastern Pacific. Preserving the relatively healthy state of this reef as well as the various others that surround our archipelago is a matter of great importance giving the fragile and sensitive nature of these magnificent habitats.

Plant Life

Our lodge and facilities have been delicately placed within a verdant jungle landscape. Great care has been taken to leave much of the natural landscape and endemic plant life untouched. Whether you’re at your casita or enjoying an afternoon hike, you’ll feel surrounded by the vibrancy of these tropical forests.

Several plant species exist on the Islas Secas that are unique, scarce or threatened elsewhere in Panama—including some that have simply disappeared. Alicia Ibáñez, a preeminent biologist working in the Gulf of Chiriquí, noted that Islas Secas “is an area of refuge for species of flora of the Central American Pacific region, which have disappeared from many neighboring regions, possibly due to the intense human exploitation.”

Delight in Your Own Marine Safari

World class activities await you above and below the water.

Delight in Your Own Marine Safari

World class activities await you above and below the water.

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